Wednesday, February 9, 2011

090211:alarm at 07:00am

zofox: why do you set your alarm to ring at 07:00am everyday when you have no intention to get up at that time?

kaedtales: i set it to ring, so that i know is 07:00am.

zofox: !@#$%#^&*......

Saturday, December 11, 2010

111210:good one!

this reminds me of someone i know very well. HAA!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

01~121110:two weeks off

having twelve days of vacation was truely an expererience to know myself better.

i experienced mood changed, excitement, loneliness, hunger, joy, fun, freedom, wonders, satisfaction, lost & etc etc etc... all these made a fabulous trip!

thanks to my friends for their precious time taking me around during my stay in HK & Taipei ;) we shall meet again!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

131010:turtle-ly amazing

zofox & rubberband wrapped up their day early last week to catch 5pm show at jusco last week, when i was recording some paperwork at ohero's room. after reading zofox's review on the movie at her blog, teddie & i decided to watch it at jusco on movie nite.

quite cool to understand more about a turtle's life & also the irresponsibility of MAN!
eg 1: the % of survivor is low, esp when a turtle first born & they are left at the beach, trying to get itself to the ocean, but attack by the hungry birds! damn you birds!

eg 2: man throws plastic bags into the ocean, some turtle got its head stuck in the plastic bag & die!

eg 3: vessels transporting petrol hitted on rocks & sunk into the deep ocean, which also polluted the clear ocean to become a dirty ocean :(

Sunday, October 10, 2010


a special date that happens once in every 100 years, i encouraged teddie, zofox & rubberband to do some charity on this special date. So i registered on behalf of them for rm25/pax + a tshirt!

we arrived new world park at 6.15am for registration, and the walk only began near 8am! anyway, the route was something like this...

we completed the walk in apprx 50mins, got ourselves the certs & went to pulau tikus market for our Hokkien Mee breakfast. yum yum...

it feels great to participate in raising awareness for a charity event, hope i can go for the next one would not take too long ;)
Happy 10.10.10 World!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

051010:eat pray love = no work!

it is tuesday. i thought it would be my ordinary tuesday, work-lunch-work-exercise-watch tv-bum. but, after lunch, rubberband asked me if i could accompany him to a blind date tonite. as a sister, thought to give him a little support, so yea, i followed him to pick up his blind date whom lives 2 streets away & headed out to gurney for a movie - Eat Pray Love

Italy, the EAT part:
i guess majority of the women are on diet on daily basis, concious on what we eat, fat-free, low-fat & etc. one of the best part in this movie was to tell us to enjoy food and be satisfed with, esp in Italy (the pasta, spaghetti, pizza, gelatos!! dont worry about jeans getting tighter, go get a bigger size jeans instead! life is to enjoy, not to stuff yourself & not enjoying!

India, the PRAY part:
i guess at certain point of life, we would tend to search for guidance somewhere to reach God.

Once there was a man who pray for very very hard, he prays
"Dear God, please please please let me win a lottery."

He continues his prayers everyday, and one day he heard a voice after his prayer, God answered his prayers, "Dear son, please please please buy yourself a lottery."

The quote may sound funny, but i guess the senario may happen to many of us too ;)

Bali, the LOVE part:
love is all around. but meeting the right love on the right timing could play an important role to change one's life too.

in the movie, early part of their lives were happily married at first, but ended up divorcing their partners due to the circumstances of losing the "self-balance". as many of us, when in love (to career, family, lovers, materials), we tend to be blinded by love & lost ourselves. the movie ends with both divorcee met at the later stage of their live & appreaciate self & each other more.

as quoted from the movie by ketut : "ruin is the road to transformation. sometimes, imbalance of self is part of balance too!"

conclusion, the movie is very interesting & i feel good after watching the movie becos under the 3 catagory, it doesnt include Work! haha... and like the italian says, sometimes we should just dolce far niente...sweetness of doing nothing!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

031010:finally break egg

it was sunday 0620am, got up early to prepare bday card, little present & pink eggs as surprise for ohero's bday.

@0650am, dowager came into the kitchen & began to criticise everything damn things happening in the kitchen.

i gave up & broke down for the 1st time in my 29 living years.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

300910:got up on the RIGHT side of my head!

got up one morning, sitting on my bed, my mind went "why am i sitting here?"

arrived office, made a phone call to travel agent & decided to make booking for a vacation that i longed for the past 6 yrs. Yes, to Taiwan.

On top of that, it is a bonus too that my ticket allow me to stop by Hong Kong for 2 nites, just the right time to watch my all time favourite stand up comedian - Wong Tze Wah, celebrating his 20th anniversary talkshow at Coliseum at Hung Hom!

the booking was done within a short time, there i go with a confirmed ticket to fly from PEN - HKG - TWN - HKG - PEN in November 2010 @ RM1480 via Cathay Pacific Airline!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

230910:33rd bday "boy"

it was a busy day at work & did not manage to leave the office early. roland recommended me to bring teddie to Deluxious as he commented that the food is delicious with reasonable price! so i gave it a shot by making a reservation tonite.

the traffic was slow & jam due to heavy rain from butterworth to the island. managed to pick up teddie by 750pm, & headed to Deluxious for dinner.

din manage to snap any good photos as the ambience was in low light, but the food & atmosphere was indeed recommended ;)

Happy birthday my dear teddie boy :)
may you be happy & healthy always!
love XOXO

Monday, September 20, 2010

200910:wzw 20th anniversary talkshow in hk!

"you have got a mesg in your facebook".

so as i checked, a mesg from joanne leung, mesg was:-


like he promised in march, after the last stop at genting, he will have to prepare the next talkshow celebrating 20th anniversary surviving in the entertainment line! gotto grab myself a ticket real soon!